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Sense14 is a brand, builds and invests in small businesses, creates websites, and sells quality products. We can help you with time, focus, financing, and knowledge to get things done.

Everyone has ideas. The difference is that some are successful, and others aren't. Just do it is a famous phrase of Nike, but it is 100% true. Do you need to focus? Do you have ideas? Don't lose it—set goals. We will help you to get them. We build a long-term relationship.

The secret to success is not trying to avoid or get rid of it or hide from your problems. The secret to success is to grow so big that you are more significant than any obstacle. You have enough time. Please do it now, and Focus!

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JameHairClipper plus CRUYFF



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  • Sense14®: Selling high-quality audio products, living goods, and personal goods. Achieving Goals via sales on platforms

about us

Sense14 is a company that focuses on its brands and customers—founded at the end of 2016 by entrepreneurs M. Hara and Rudmer Hoekstra.

We are proud we made a successful CRUYFF JAPAN with the CRUYFF products in Japan's national department stores and sold at different retailers. Now we focus on Travel websites and selling high professional quality goods via webshops. Please see below our main products & services.