About Sense 14

About the fashion and shoes

SENSE 14 is selling the NEW brand CRUYFF® in Japan. This is an international and iconic fashion brand. Inspired by the famous worldwide soccer player Johan Cruyff... SENSE 14 will sell the best collection(s) in quality shops in Japan. We are the preferred partner of CRUYFF® in Japan.

This is SENSE 14 's first collaboration with a fashion brand which we will bring to Japan. We are based in the Netherlands. A country in the middle of all things and brands within Europe. We can and have our goal to bring European brands into Japan. Because we have the expertise and for an European brand it is still difficult to enter the market in Japan successfully.  SENSE 14 can be your partner, doing business without an unknown agent in Japan. 

Therefore, if you are a Japanese company or a European company who wants to meet us and to do business, please contact us. Let's do a successful business, sense of life! Our supplied brand can be one of your bestselling article. Get more information about prices, quality and origin by contacting us. Our customers can order by phone or e-mail. Place your order >