SENSE 14 brings brands, stories and products to Japan

We are ambitious and also confident to grow our activities. We act as an advisor for Dutch and also European companies to do business in Japan. We understand the Japanese market. We speak the language and have an extensive network in the wholesale market. In addition, we have an existing network in the Japanese football world. We understand how it works. We have the ability to realize orders.

We act as an independent distributor or an agent for companies. We can buy from you on our own risk. Or for sales, transportation and the customs we receive a commission rate. We can offer our services to work as a specialist at your company to support you with the business to Japan.

For European companies, the biggest risk of failure has always been to underestimate the market in Japan. It works differently with selling, promoting and the insufficient quality of the product compared to the European western market. The pitfall is in most cases also that they can not keep the estimated selling price under control. With different prices in different stores, it just does not work and you kill the brand and the sale. If this happens, you will lose it.

Sense 14 is sure to keep your product experience, brand and price under control. Not only by the advisory price, but also by the customers we choose. We choose them consciously for the long term.

Let's do a successful business, sense of life! Contact us >.