Cruyff Dandy - Fashion sense

Johan Cruyff was football's original dandy. He is making sense of the power of appearance and style better than anyone. On the field, Johan's presence, poise and focus intimidated and dazzled his opposition. Away from the game, sharp and stylish dressing was part of the Cruyff trademark. 

Johan's style of dress and choice of accessories - his car, shoes, watch and even the furniture in his house - expressed a certain personal strength and confidence. Looking good and feeling dandy was not just a way of life. Looking good gave you an automatic 1-0 advantage, no matter what you were doing or where you were doing it. 


For Cruyff, football was a means to a greater end. On the pitch, he used it to share excellence and brilliance with the rest of the world. In daily life it gave him a life of comfort, style and access to beautiful things. A life most of us can only dream of. Johan's style of play took the world storm, and so did his combination of football, fashion and elegance. It was something new and completely different. It was Football Luxury and will forever be linked with CRUYFF. 

Today, the combination of function, style and confidence that is Football Luxury is embedded in the soul of the CRUYFF brand. Functional design, comfort, handmade craftsmanship, high quality, technically advanced materials and, of course, elegance and style are deep - rooted in all of their products. Their quality is making sense...


Cruyff the brand with 1974 shirt

TWO STRIPES: In 1974 Cruyff introduced his personalized dual taped Dutch national team shirt. A unique individual marketing tool that certainly serve the group. Cruyff's shirt turned into an instant fashion item and went on to become one of the bestselling football shirts of all time. 

C-LION: Throughout the world, the lion is a symbol of many things; leadership, strength, intuition, confidence and passion. All of these qualities are embedded in the C-lion crest. But most of all, the C-Lion crest represents Football Luxury.

RECOPA: Recopa is not a word you'll find in the dictionary, but it means as much as 'being unconquerable and winning lots of trophies'.

HEXAGON: The hexagon is a typical football shape. The ball itself is still often built up from an ingenious hexagon grid. Possibly it can be found in Johan Cruyff's mind, where it symbolizes multiple triangular passing possibilities combined. 


Sense 14 is bringing CRUYFF to Japan. Such an icon is big, his sense and his brand will perfectly fit in to the Japanese market. Contact us for prices and samples.