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Sense of shoes CRUYFF

Making Sense of a brand; Sense 14 truly hopes you enjoy our brands as we do. Share your question or feedback about our brands. Of course only a simple hello is also very much welcome! CRUYFF® is our first brand which we collaborate and we are authorized to sell in Japan. In Europe it is a brand which is directly related to the great soccer/football player JOHAN CRUYFF. For many people he is a legend. It is SENSE 14 's icon, the philosophy it all started it with. 

CRUYFF® is al lifestyle brand and the originator of Football Luxury. CRUYFF creates high quality, fashionable shoes and clothing with a luxurious look that makes you feel like you’re always ahead in the game. The brand is an international iconic brand. In Europe the brand is growing rapidly with a touch of Cruyff. The quality of the brand is the result of the combination of traditional craftsmanship and avant-garde materials, techniques and great marketing.

Cruyff, Johan

The essence of the CRUYFF brand is taken from Johan's personal philosophy: 'Life is all about working on becoming the best possible version of yourself'. CRUYFF is about discovering what you are good at in life and having the focus and determination to get there. It is about aspiration and ambition; the thrill of being in control of your world and the energy and excitement of moving up.

CRUYFF's products are fashionable, elegant and always independent. They express confidence, personal strength, and style. They are an expression of the person you were meant to be. With this you are making sense...



Making sense of the spirit and character of CRUYFF. He lives on today in all of their shoes and clothing. Elegance, comfort and heaps of style can now be enjoyed. The brand is all about innovation; new materials, new techniques. CRUYFF''s journey to create beautiful shoes and clothing have no end. Today you enjoy. Tomorrow we’ll surprise you. Sense 14 is bringing CRUYFF to Japan. Such an icon is big, his sense and his brand will perfectly fit in to the Japanese market. Contact us for prices and samples.